Simply said, We Know Roofs! With over a decade of roofing experience the team here at Atomic is second to none in quality craftsmanship. Using perfected techniques our technicians are truly amazing. All our work is guaranteed and done efficiently.

When it comes to residential roofing, a leaky roof can be daunting and home owners are often unsure about what actually needs to be fixed. The process is not fully explained to them, and sometimes it is hard to trust that an estimator is looking out for the homeowner. We take the time to show and explain every step of the roofing process and answer any questions you might have. Besides providing the best roofing services, we try to educate our customers as well. Before our teams begin work, they will provide a project plan, and will explain every step of the process.

It is crucial that your roof be in excellent working order to protect your family and your home. In order to have an effective and efficient rooftop system these are the key components:

  • Sturdy sheathing
  • Ice and water adhesive membrane at all eaves edges, in valleys, and along rake edges.
  • A seamless waterproof underlayment
  • Appropriate flashing around chimneys, venting, skylights, and plumbing stacks.
  • Premium fiberglass laminated shingles

Let us give you the roof you’ve always wanted or maybe just fix the one that’s giving you grief.  Either way we will put a smile on your face knowing you made the right choice! Call us today for a free estimate and we’ll show you why we are Winnipeg’s Best Roofers!